07 Jan 2018
December 17

On Wednesday, the long awaited 6.1 v 6.2 football match took place to much fanfare and excitement. 6.1 student spectators took to one side of the pitch and 6.2 the other and directed (mostly) good spirit towards each other. The final score was 3-0 to 6.1 and you can view some pictures here. Bedales U15 girls’ hockey team won 3-2 in their final game of the season ending on a high against KES Witley. Charlotte Land and Elsa Rymer led the team to victory including four U14 players who stepped-up due to illness in the U15 side. They played with confidence and speed to assist in the win with Sammy Smith achieving Player of the Match. It was wonderful for me to leave the hockey season with a team who have worked hard and been supportive to each other. I would also like to thank Peter Thackery who has turned up for every training session to coach the team with me. There were two final games for the U14 and U15 football teams against The Royal last week, which ended in an extra-time 3-0 victory for the U15s and a comfortable win for the U14s. After the Christmas break the U16s will be up against Ibstock Place for a semi-final berth in the ISFA Cup.